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Sweet girl getting an hair change from very long to a medium layered style
She is a girl with a beautiful dark hair. Tired of her very long...
9,60 €
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Getting the bob haircut that she allways dreamed
Her hair is naturally black and normally she uses it in long styles....
9,40 €
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From very long to medium/short layered style: the transformation of a girl
She is a girl that used very long hair during all her life. And now...
10,80 €
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Shorter and flip: a charmy new hair look for a wonderful young lady
She loves to change her hair. This time she wanted do transform a...
10,60 €
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Coloring black and a very sexy haircut on the brunette girl with huge blue eyes
She is an amazing brunette with a big blue and expressive eyes. Now,...
12,60 €
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Dramatic haircut of a mature lady with long, strong and bulky hair
Her hair is very strong and bulky. Usually she weares it very long...
10,90 €
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Lovely blonde girl getting a renewed sexy bob haircut
Inches of wet blonde hair falling down on the salon floor. A...
10,60 €
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Cutting from long hair to straight bob with sexy bangs
She is wonderful young woman arrived to the hair salon wearing a long...
10,80 €
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Cutting very long hair to create a new look in long hair
The stylist is on her knees to cut the customer very long hair,...
12,10 €
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Complete change of hair look of a blonde young woman on her wedding eve
Its her wedding eve and is time for a complete new hair look: a huge...
12,80 €
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Domestic and sexy haircut of a wonderful lady
Sh is a wonderful lady that received an unexpected invitation for a...
9,10 €
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Dramatic haircut: tired of very long hair, she got a new hair look
She is a young woman who had his hair very long since she can...
10,80 €
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Gorgeous woman getting a completly different haircut
She entered the hair salon wearing a sexy haircut. She is a gorgeous...
12,20 €
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Hair adventure of a blonde girl: from very long to an attractive bob
She is a beautiful natural blonde girl but her hair needs some care....
9,80 €
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Once in her life: changing hair touching her belt for a romantic bob
She used a sexy long ponytail when entered the salon. And her hair...
6,40 €
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Sexy shampoo of the girl with long curled hair
She is a girl with a fantastic mane, long, curled, giving a sexy...
7,20 €
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